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    We are always on the lookout for skilled writers who are enthusiastic to write high-quality articles. If you are interested in traveling and writing about traveling tips and travel accessories, we would like to have you on our team. Just send us a request to post your blogs on this high-traffic platform!
    Regarding the quality of blogs, we appreciate that a blog should:
    • It should be an attractive blog with unique, and new content. We do not appreciate copied and plagiarized content.
    • The writer should be enthusiastic about writing and giving information to the audience regarding certain travel essential accessories.
    • The writer should have in-depth knowledge of travel accessories and how they are used.
    • It should be capable of being shared with our vast community of travel lovers.
    • All the facts have to be backed by claims and links. False information is not needed.

    Guidelines for the blogs are:

    • Feature a large number of travel aspects and topics.
    • Highlight any needed information regarding different countries and areas.
    • Share practical guides and tips for traveling and travel accessories.
    • Provide information and discussion on any ongoing issue in the world related to travel essentials.
    • Link building is allowed but only those that are directed to ethical sites.
    • Sharing interesting stories and reflecting on the joy of traveling is promoted.
    • Information should be unique and not very outdated for the readers.
    • The blog should have a practical value.
    • It can be used to promote certain travel-related products.
    • It should be an in-depth article on the different travel gear and accessories.
    These inclusions will help us find articles that are useful and needed within the traveling community.

    Guidelines for Marketing Travel Accessories

    Certain guidelines should be followed by the writers to market their products and establish some useful backlinks:
    • The blog should be authentic. We do not appreciate copied content.
    • The content must be completely original and well-researched.
    • It should include travel accessories that are either for traveling or to help the travelers in their process.
    • The tone should remain casual, as we wish to relate to the audience
    • The article should provide the readers with at least one actionable takeaway.
    • The headings have to be interesting. Try to take inspiration from copybloggers for interesting headlines.
    • No fluff! Opt to add the necessary information for traveling accessories only.
    • There should be at least 4-5 sentences per paragraph.
    • Make sure to include hooks.
    • Never include any false or made-up information. We do not condone any false information.

    How To Apply

    To apply as a guest blog writer, writers need to send an email with:

    • The original blog.
    • A short introduction of the writer.
    • A URL of your website (if required).

    What Will You Get By Becoming A Guest Blog Post Writer At Holidayfine?

    • A platform to share your posts and ideologies.
    • An opportunity to be featured on Holidayfine
    • A place for writers to promote and market certain travel products.
    • An authority link to your blog on our website
    • A chance to have more people see your product
    • A chance to receive early updates, and become the first consideration for new article ideas
    • A great opportunity to promote products and engage in link building.

    What We Expect From The Writers?

    We have a loyal reader base, and cannot compromise when it comes to the quality of the blogs we post. Our writers should follow these guidelines:
    • Cooperate with us patiently as we edit your blog.
    • We want you to submit and edit the work on time.
    • Writers are expected to follow all the guidelines without fail.
    • Writers should promote and market reliable products.

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